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okey. i am not that attached to my television lately. but i just like suddenly obsessed to watch one tv show on star world. "MASTERCHEF"

masterchef is about cooking competition between the amateur chefs around america. well it is fun to see how they cook. variety of styles. well temptation prizes always become the number one attraction in every each reality show in this world

the prizes :
  • $USD 250000
  • own recipe book
i guess it is more than enough to win such thing in life. if there is masterchef malaysia, i will definitely pun my butt inside. although i cant cook sumthing perfectly. but still eatable.

the judges

from left: chef ramsay, chef batianich and chef elliot

and my favorite contestant is absolutely the winner of this damn comp!


name: Whitney Miller
age: 22 years old
nick name: pastry princess

and she brought down DAVID MILLER. ok i hate that guy. always wanna cook just like professional chef and so arrogant. at last he failed. serve you right.

dear whitney

congratulation. i watched every each of episodes just to cheer for you. and i am so happy to see you win this comp. and i became your fan since thn. adding u in facebook, following your blog, reading stuffs about you. i hope you can come down to malaysia :) good foods around here

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whitneymillermc said...

Love the post. I'm glad you loved watching the show!