pengikut raksasa yang busuk


untuk wanita bernama HARIANI BT JAFFAR

firstly... i just want to say thank you GOD coz handing this lady to me. she's nice, lovely and every nice thing can represents her.. Having her is the best gift that i've ever had in my entire life.. she is my SUPERSTAR. i dont know how to describe her. although ive being rude, it doesnt mean i hate her. NO.. i juz need to express my feeling well.. im sorry..

but i cant stop saying.. ILOVE YOU MOM!!!!

*this nice purple scarf lady is my mum..

p/s: sorry mum.. bulan nie sengkek.. so ta ad hadiah 4 mother's day.. mmg atin ta penah kasi....


firdheder said...

muke ko mcm muke mak ko la.. :D

.paiz. said...

i love u too aunty..