pengikut raksasa yang busuk


i miss everyboday around me. yea. i went back to shah alam yesterday with an empty house u c.. mom, granny and my sis away to india. abang way to far in jb... (long sigh)..... the only people in this house- adik. with his one leg hopping here ( serve you r8 adik.. remember.. bad deeds will be paid on the spot) and ayah.. gosh... just 3 OF US????

boring.. feel like having fun out there.. but i dun have any body around me.. no friends, got car but no fun.

i wish i can go for shopping but with RM80 in my wallet???? not enuff 2 buy a shirt, fuel n food... darn...

so i take this chance juz looking at this FUCKING slow pc......

my GOD... help me....


no DVD, no SKETCHES, nothing!!!

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